The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 11: 5/22/11

  • The party is able to fend the facility from the attacking gnolls, who’s reason for attacking the facility is still a mystery – the groups only clue is that the gnolls appeared to have been in a pain, causing their demonic urges to overflow.
  • Able to meet with Maynard inside of his quarters – the party learns some more of the story concerning Maynard, Lyrbin, and Louisa.
  • Maynard believes that he knows how to finish Lyrbin off – and that way is to destroy a sacrificed eye that binds his demonic servants essence to this plane, and Lyrbin’s service. Getting to this eye, however, is the next step of the journey and will take place underneath the dwarven capital of Omallfell, in the vast system of vaults.



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