The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 12: 6/19/11

  • Activation of the golem soon revealed that it was created to protect the eye, which rested in the center of the golem. Ashe, uninterested in this trial, flees the scene.
  • After a tough trial, the golem falls, and the eye is collected before departing for Maynard’s study.
  • The real objective comes next, when the players realize they will need to infiltrate Lyrbin’s manor once more in plan of killing him and Audric. First, they will visit Louisa. However, getting into the city was blocked by an enhanced guard rotation, so the group decides to travel unnoticed through a sewer system.
  • Learning about a secret entrance into the manor from Louisa, the group chooses to utilize this – but before entering the manor, choose to destroy the eye in hopes of surprising Lyrbin. Awaiting the group within the sitting room, is none other than Kris Blinkwell, who presents a challenge to the group for traveling to their objective.



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