The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 12: 6/5/11

  • A new development came about when Maynard announced to the group that his assistants had caught a prowler in the facility that night. Not knowing what to do with the intruder, he lets the group have say in his fate. This prowler (the shifter ranger named Ashe), after interrogation from the group, agreed to accompany them on their mission to Omallfell.
  • Maynard was able to link to an Omallfell portal, and the players were sent into the heart of the vault system. This journey wasn’t easy by any means, however, as the group faced trapped rooms, forgettable corridors, barbed spider webs, and sentinels throughout the vaults.
  • Upon reaching the Ferre family vault, opening the door presented a room covered in sharp shards resembling metallic bones – and a lifeless golem forged from these shards. The only option, as stated by Caelin, was to insert the family crest into the golem – and see what happens.



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