The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 4: 2/27/11

Campaign: Session 4: 2/27/11

Campaign: Session 4: 2/27/11

Leaving off before venturing further into the unknown tomb, the party is halted briefly as Caelin is alerted to the fact that someone or something is trailing behind them in the shadows. A misplaced footstep puts forth an interloper by the name of Aelvinor, an elvish adventurer both proficient with a longbow and dueling weapons. Revealing that his purpose is simply curiosity and the lure of treasure, the party is able to accept his company due to common goals for the time being.

Presented before them deep inside of the tomb lays a large room littered with elaborate coffins and dead silence. Near the most elaborate coffin, a book rests with solid gold plating containing an unknown language, but the text presented appears to be a list of names. At the top of the list, the name Otister Goldweave VI appears which matches a name carved into the most intricate coffin at the head of the chamber. Approaching this coffin, The familiar wisps greet the party, and act strangely, almost as if begging or warning them… the coffin is soon opened.

Inside is true to what is written upon the coffin – King Otister Goldweave VI, and unhappy is he as a brief attempt at communication is thwarted by a language barrier, shortly followed by combat. Most notably, this ruler appeared to have a unique crown that controlled the spirit wisps about the room, forcefully summoning them back into their previous corpses to attack the party. Victory was soon met with the aid of Aelvinor and efforts of the party, but trouble still lurks when the decision to take the golden book is made, summoning the tomb guardians. The decision to escape is hastily made, and successfully executed as the group left the tomb. Looking back after snuffing the oil lamp, the stairway is no longer visible.

Back in Castle Frederick, the party meets with Ravaella to discuss their results and rewards. Success is achieved as the rumor is confirmed and matches her experience, but questions are left towards the acquired crown and book and Ravaella refers the party to an old friend working at the White Lotus Academy – Farin Mor’Ash – a curator and clerk of relics. A quick visit reveals that the book is of gnomish nature and contains a roster of various gnomish lords and kings, and that the crown is a gnomish rulers crown enchanted to rule the dead, but at a great cost to the user.



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