The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 5: 3/11/11

After receiving a bit of information from Marin For’ash, the players agreed to accept a task to explore a site containing an ancient temple erected in dedication to the goddess Ioun. This temple was housed in the once beautiful region of [[The Campaign Setting: Lake Brana | Lake Brana]], far to the south of Castle Frederick. Due to recent student influx to the White Lotus Academy dwindling, Marin’s best option would be to hire the group of adventurers to conduct a yearly surveying of the ruins to check for any oddities.

With the aid of a Castle Frederick guard in service to the academy, the party departs for the ruins to begin their surveying. Of note during the journey, the party stumbles across an abandoned homestead which contained information relevant to Caelin – runes familiar to his past regarding his family crisis. Considering this information and journeying forward to the site, Surveying proves not the easy task that it sounds to be, due to the ruins being inhabited by various hosts native to the underground.

Completing the survey of the required parameters, the parties return to the surface yields the discovery a now missing guard; who was soon found to be murdered and buried nearby (also missing the White Lotus pendant that unlocks the arcane sealed doors within the ruins to the entrance and deeper levels.



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