The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 6: 3/20/11

Recount of events from session 6:

  • As the players reentered the site, they discovered that the inner chambers have been opened and infiltrated.

  • The inner chambers contained a passage to the once body of water that was Lake Brana, now only a subterranean lake, home to a vicious slime feeding off of the latent magic circulating within the waters.

  • Within the waters rested an ancient structure, only seen when the slime was cleared from the lake. Inside, the players discovered the entrance to the innermost library presumably filled with ancient texts and artifacts. Also, the players were greeted by the residual spirit of Iryl Cursebreaker, one of the original founders and devotee to Ioun. Iryl told the party that the contents of the library are under strong protection and only accessible by a linked portal in which the design is guarded by the current descendants of herself, and Quenn Artorius – a distant grandfather of Caelin. They learn that a time will come when they will need to return to the library, as the eyes of Vecna can only be staved off for so long.

  • The party’s exit was blocked by a trap formulated by an unknown figure, who made it clear that they intended to infiltrate the inner library, and steal the knowledge to erect the linked portal inside. Using dark energy and manipulating runic figures and ink – this figure may be associated with the eyes of Vecna.



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