The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 7: 4/3/11

Recount of events from session 7:

  • Returning to Castle Frederick to deliver the expedition results, the players turned to a new rumor involving a well with a strange air about it: apparently a portal to the nine hells is rumored to be deep inside.
  • Descending the well, the players were greeted with a sizable pile of corpses piled and spread out about an underground cavern, unknown why the corpses were present.
  • Despite the corpses, a larger threat existed in the form of a young black dragon nesting inside of an old man made structure past the corpses, and also feasting upon them. The party decided to slay it after a brief negotiation proved unfruitful.
  • Discovery of a passage leading further in lead to the layout of this structure resembling an ancient crypt, host to numerous traps and ancient entities and constructs.



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