The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 9: 5/1/11

Recount of events from session 9:

  • Awaking from a nights sleep, the party notices that Riven has disappeared… perhaps he was seeking vengeance on the spirits that lurked in the crypt?
  • Descending the well, the party was alarmed at the appearance of Vandariel’s head among the corpse pile, leading to the conclusion that Magstina is behind the corpses and may be related to the dragon.
  • Reaching the end of the crypt, the players discover a secret passage that leads to the property of Duke Lyrbin Ferre.
  • The most intriguing discovery at the end of the crypt at the end of a well guarded passage, was a chamber devoted to creating an eternal prison. Inside this stasis prison is the petrified body of Duke Lyrbin Ferre’s wife, Louisa. According to her, she was imprisoned because of her discovering her husbands unsavory activities within the crypt such as practicing unorthodox ritual magic, and holding illegal contraband. Louisa consulted the players to kill her husband, which is according to her the only way to break the ties holding the spell in place.
  • Recounting the current tasks at hand, the players decide to visit the shrine of Melora where they found it to be unusually quiet and sealed using ritual magic. Able to break into the shrine, the players discover the now deceased Krismorel Kalon, and catatonic Eldril. The party brings Eldril to a common inn room to pursue further action. Meanwhile, Pandora mulls over the responsibility placed upon her now that Krismorel is deceased – the shrine is going to need a new caretaker, which currently falls onto her shoulders.



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