Captain Kris Blinkwell


Captain Kris Blinkwell

Age: Appears around 28


Kris Blinkwell is the current heir to the often referred Blinkwell family. Having hush ties to the cities underground black market, the family has thrived in wealth, and has been rumored to have been manipulating most of the areas rulers for generations.

Kris is currently heading the Northern Guard Tower, and overseeing a group of mercenaries and trained warriors in service directly to guarding the Ferre Manor. Frivolous and impulsive, Kris is lead by his emotions and greed – unlikely traits for a captain of the guard.

When the group discreetly bribed him to break into Lyrbin’s Manor, and then stole a prized acquisition sword, their standing with him and the Northern Tower Guards has plummeted.

Captain Kris Blinkwell

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