Eladrin Bard


Dante’s Background

He is and Eldren who traveled with a caravan, which included his mother, father, grandmother and a few guards/servants. They traveled in a magical cart that appeared to be the size of a stagecoach but when inside, it was actually the size of a small house. His mother was an accomplished wizard while his father was an artificer, who had produced many powerful weapons and armors. He also traveled with his grandmother who was a master of the spoken word. This power allowed her to bend reality to avoid dangerous or inconvenient mishaps. One day on their travels his mother and father left the party to pursue an unknown quest. Not an hour after the two had left a band of well-organized gnolls ambushed the caravan overpowering the guards/servants, and resisting the powerful words of his grandmother. The gnolls were able to capture Dante before he saw what had become of his grandmother, and he still wonders to this day. Dante spend 26 years with the clan of gnolls, who were surprisingly organized. Through the years he served them by telling stories passed to him by his grandmother and also making up some of his own. He was also able to save his own life on many occasions by using his power over the spoken word. As the time passed many rulers came and went and the clans civilization began to decline. Dante would only later discover that something was behind this clan’s organization and that he was somehow involved in its decline. The clan became more and more hostile until one day; a great fight broke out between multiple families in the clan giving Dante a chance to escape. His escape was aided by a gnoll named Rufang, who he had befriended throughout his years spent with the clan. Dante and Rufang fought their way through the chaos and left the clan to seek freedom elsewhere. After a few days of travel they came upon a small town, where to neither of their surprise Rufang was refused entrance. With his presence becoming a hindrance to Dante, Rufang decided that they should part ways, and that some day they would meet again. So now alone Dante stayed in the small village and planed his next move. After he had decided on a plan to find out what had become of his family he set off on the road again. Not two days after leaving the small town Dante was attacked by a wrath, and was killed. Luckily for Dante The Raven Queen had seen a use for him while he was with the gnolls, so she sent a servant to revive him before the wraths curse could take hold of him. This resurrection by The Raven Queen left a mark on Dante that changed his hair and eye color. So, Dante is now not only on a quest to find his family he is also doing The Raven Queens bidding while leaving a trail of feather behind for her to fallow. Dante now is traveling to the White Lotus to find a way to track down all that he has lost and all that he hopes to find.

Dante’s Personal Goals

1. Track down The Raven Queens target/The one who controlled the gnolls.

2. Find out more about his Grandmother, her Powers and if she had died.

3. Find his Parents, and figure out why they never looked for him.

4. Meet up with Rufang and help him in any way possible.

[Information Added after Session #2 and #3]
After finding himself indirectly involved with Pandora after being recruited to aid in a temple mission, Dante discovered that fellow Raven Queen followers led by a deranged female eladrin named Vandariel, were desecrating the old ruins of a Meloran temple, calling for a judgment call on his part, leading him to the House of the Raven Queen where he became acquainted with Magstina Urthadar, cleric of the Raven Queen. It was here that Magstina delivered an ultimatum – deliver the head of the one responsible and she will leave her followers from the old temple. This was later accomplished with tribulation.


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