Eldril Loreweaver

Brother of Vandariel



23 Years old


Eldril has lived his life under the pressure of his sister’s grief and retribution, but was not swayed from his affection towards her, being his only blood relative after assailants claimed the life of their mother years ago. They have lived among a vagrant tribe of forest-dwelling Eladrin since the death of his mother, there were 8 of them total.

Eldril’s temperament was always kind and passive, relatively opposite of his sister’s scornful ways, that is until Vandariel’s revival ritual summoned the Far Plane Interloper into the wooded flesh of the Eladrin’s worshipped grand oak tree, where the spirit decided to mold Eldril into it’s twisted, otherworldly champion; twisting his face and body into a gnarled horror.

Eldril is currently help in repairable custody of Krismorel Kalon.

Eldril Loreweaver

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