Ianfalcon and Lorina Treantspatience

Worshippers of Melora



48 Years old


Ianfalcon is a steady follower of Melora, along with his wife Lorina, who worship at the temple of Melora outside of Castle Frederick and resided within a small farmstead, until it was ravaged and destroyed by Eldril Loreweaver in his corrupted rage.

Ianfalcon was also rescued from the hands of Vandariel, who was about to offer his spiritual heritage energy to the spirit within the corrupted oak.

They harbors a residual hatred for Vandariel and Eldril for all of the misfortune they have wrought onto him, and wishes nothing more than to see both of their deaths. Since Eldril still lives by their decision, they have urged the party to leave them in peace.


Ianfalcon and Lorina Treantspatience

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