Krismorel Kalon (currently deceased)

Head Priest of Melora




Age Unknown

Krismorel Kalon is currently the leader of the Shrine of Melora existing outside of Castle Frederick. Under his deployment, Pandora the Invoker may be summoned to complete missives regarding acts of injustice and desecration against what Melora stands for – individuality and preservation of nature.

Krismorel is known as a stern, yet reasonable man putting the needs of his devotees and the will of Melora before his own sense of justice. He has little concern for the affairs of the city and its rulers, as Melora’s only concern is that of raw nature, and often provides a sanctuary for his followers down on their luck.

Krismorel was later found deceased inside of the Meloran Shrine when the party returned some time after leaving Eldril in his custody. After hiring a psion to communicate with Eldril in his cursed state, the psion supposedly inherited Eldril’s curse, went into a state of rampage and killed Krismorel in blind fury.

Krismorel Kalon (currently deceased)

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