Magstina Urthadar



Hag of Unknown age


High Priest of The Raven Queen

Magstina is a jaded, disgruntled, filthy, stench-ridden hag in charge of The House of the Raven Queen in Castle Frederick. Her main duty is to prepare corpses and send the spirits of those dead to the Raven Queen, often employing uncountable unsavory acts to collect those corpses including murder and coerce. She obtusely aids Dante as he is a unique follower to The Raven Queen, told by voices in her prayers and services and employs his actions to extend the Raven Queen’s reach.

In a crossroads with Krismorel Kalon of Melora, Magstina has been running a covert operation in the ruins of an old Meloran temple employing the act of corpse removal; seen as a direct act of malevolence against Melora and exposed when Vandariel also secretly corrupted and cashed in on the operation without Magstina’s notice

Magstina Urthadar

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