Maynard Sailwind


Maynard Sailwind

Age: Elderly


Banished Professor of Scrying / Creation

Maynard Sailwind was first introduced by Louisa Ferre, when she asked the group to discover his whereabouts and obtain his aid in her rescue. They were able to find him near a Dwarven mining town called Fane to the East of Castle Frederick.

It was upon discovery that his research facility within the Wyvern’s Spine Mountains was under attack by a group of Gnolls, who seemed to have driven by an enflamed affliction. Gaining his trust, the party under his instructions, retrieved the materials needed to free Louisa.

Due to the daring and trustworthiness of the group, Maynard has given them full access to his facility if they should need it.

Maynard Sailwind

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