Human Invoker


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[Information added after campaign 1,2 and 3]

Pandora, having received a mission from Krismorel Kalon inquiring about suspected interlopers in the previous location of the temple of Melora, enlisted the aid of Caelin and Dante and departed. Discovering the identity of the interlopers and rescuing a fellow worshiper of Melora (Ianfalcon Treantspatience), Pandora was able to complete the mission. However, this lead to a new predicament between the temple of Melora and the house of the Raven Queen due to their involvement within the temple.

A new lead from Ianfalcon has taken Pandora and party to a small farmstead village about a days walk from Castle Frederick where a rumor of marauding bandits was heard. Upon arrival, the farmstead is burned and all life has been exterminated, and Ianfalcon’s wife, Lorina – missing. Traveling into the nearby forest the party discovers the culprits – a corrupted band of eladrin tied to Vandariel, corrupted by a being summoned by Vandariel years ago called the voice in the woods. Defeat of the entity lifts the curse from the woods and from the surviving eladrin, except for Vandariel’s brother, Eldril, who was twisted and distorted from the brunt of the curse. Lorina was found prior and returned to Ianfalcon.

Return arrival to Krismorel yields mixed results when Eldril is brought along, hoping to be cured as to obtain vital information from his past – support from the Treantspatience family is currently lost due to the choice of leave Eldril alive, despite him now being a victim of nature. Care is currently being provided.


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