Vandariel Loreweaver

Defiler of Melora




looks about 29 years old

Vandariel, harboring an old hatred born from the death of her mother, shrouded her life in pain, hate, and vengeance. It was not long before she started to seek revenge, and revenge she got after a fateful night, years ago when in the middle of the night, she attempted to summon the spirit of her mother, but instead summoned a being of pure malevolence into a cherished ancient oak tree where it took root… corrupting the forest its energy supported.

It was then that Vandariel began following the commands of the ancient evil, believing it to be the next best thing to her lost mother; the majority of commands including feeding it rich eladrin life essence. She also had the perfect plan and cover, corrupt and use the base the Raven Queen corpse disposers have erected in the old Meloran temple to both lure and eliminate potential victims.

This plan, however, was thwarted by the party when they investigated the temple and Vandariel was slain. It was later her corpse was taken by her brother and brought back to the tree when Magstina wished for her remains to do what she wished with, calling the players to retrieve it.

Her corpse was ultimately forfeited to Magstina, contrary to Eldril’s wishes.

Vandariel Loreweaver

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