The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 3: 2/13/11

Campaign: Session 3: 2/13/11

The game started at the scene of the battle that took place between the Voice in the Woods, and Eldril where the players emerged victorious. After the battle, the spirit departed the ancient Eladrin tree, and the distorting, evil energy was felt lifting from the woods. Eldril lay unconscious huddled over the corpse of his sister, as he was felled attempting the flee the scene with her but was thwarted by the efforts of Caelin. The players decided not to kill Eldril, as among his possessions they found a scrawled piece of parchment containing an image of a familiar rune to Caelin, identical to the ones found in his home after it was ransacked.

Unfortunately, Eldril’s features have been twisted and distorted because of the influence of the Voice in the Woods, leaving his face a grotesque mask unable to speak. The party decides the best course of action is to take the unconscious Eldril and the corpse of Vandariel with them in hopes of gaining information, however, an obstacle presented itself in that Eldril’s wish to bury Vandariel beneath the great tree as learned from a forest resident – an obstacle as Magstina wishes to desecrate it.

A visit to Magstina in hopes of reasoning turned out a failure however, as Magstina will not yield without the head of Vandariel, and so her wish was granted and she claimed her reward, and the players hoped they would be able to keep Eldril out of the picture long enough to deal with the corpse, and give it a semi-proper burial. As far as Eldril was concerned, the players visited Krismorel where disappointment was met from now-refugees Ianfalcon and Lorina when Eldril was brought into the temple. Although the pair harbor a disrespect for the party regarding the decision of leaving Eldril alive, they vowed to leave them in peace for all they have done for them, and perhaps time will forgive.

Eldril was left to heal with Krismorel and players decided to pursue a rumor heard in their inn/tavern stating – “If you burn Red Treantswood oil while walking along Sap-Sorrow swamp at night, you’ll be visited by a rather unique visitor”. This information took them to the home of Ravaella Dryadson where the party was given a flask of the oil and the location of the swamp and sent their way on a 3 1/2 day journey to the swamp.

Trekking to the swamp led them to a deep and dank marsh where the rumor took surface as a group of wisps appearing into the lantern light, and leading the party a distance into the swamp where they came across a mysterious stairway leading into the marshy earth, appearing to actually exist in another plane. Down the stairway presents what appears to be an ancient tomb, set with numerous precautions to keep thieves and interlopers out.

Chronicle: Session 2: 1/16/11

Chronicle: Session 2: 1/16/11

The party left off when they were sent to send the souls lost at the ruined Meloran temple back
to the Raven Queen, where Dante was bestowed the ritual used to activate the teeth and dispose of the corpses with an emphasis on retrieving Vandariel’s corpse. However, the corpse was nowhere to be found, and the only clue as to the corpses whereabouts took the form of footprints and blood drags leading away. Because of the tracks expertly fading after a short while, the party traveled back to Castle Frederick to deliver the news to Magstina, but were only met with disappointment as Vandariel’s corpse did not travel back with them. Parlaying with Magstina, the party was able to afford one more chance to redeem the corpse.

Ianfalcon was soon to meet with the party with news that a savage raid destroyed a farmstead village to the southeast, which may have been his home where his wife, Lorina, resides. Aiding his call, the party took travel to the site, only to discover that it actually was Ianfalcon’s home. Corpses of men, women, and children litter the town road, and no house sit unburned, Lorina nowhere to be found. After a moment of grief, Caelin was able to track footprints similar to those found in the Meloran temple where they were tracked to a small wooded area a few hours away from the village.

Little did they know that these woods lay containing a mysterious ancient evil called The Voice in the Woods. Inhabiting these woods is a small clan of Eladrin who happened to fall under the evil of the being, which was summoned by Vandariel years ago in result of a tainted resurrection ritual which instead summoned a malicious spirit from the Shadowfell which soon took root inside of a treasured ancient tree and soon corrupted the woods and its residents. A confrontation took place at the heart of the wood against the spirit, corrupted residents, and Vandariel’s brother, Eldril, who had retrieved Vandariel’s corpse and laid it beneath the grand tree. Game ended at point immediately after battle where the players were victorious over the woods.

Session 1

Chronicle: Session 1: 01/09/2011

Pandora, Invoker of Melora, responded to a missive delivered by the curator of the shrine erected in the worship of Melora, Krismorel Kalon, which stated that an unknown group has took up residence in and has possibly desecrated the previous shrine to Melora to the Southwest of Castle Frederick. Pandora also received word that first wind of this occurrence was received after a small group of Melora’s worshippers never returned after a pilgrimage to the old site, and that residents of Castle Frederick have recently been abducted, disappearing without a trace; this may or may not be related to the case at hand (names were not provided, as the majority of travellers and abductees were unknown by the order).

Pandora was suggested to enlist the aid of other adventurers, as this could be a difficult task for one. Travelling to the most likely place to discover such willing adventurers, Pandora travelled to the Golden Goblin Inn of Castle Frederick, harboring shelter to many adventurers and mercenaries looking for work. There she, without much trouble, was able to recruit two adventurers by the names of Caelin, a trained monk with an unknown past and motives, and Dante, a bard travelling the Palamecias under the name of the Raven Queen. After getting briefly acquainted, the group of 3 departed in search of the ruined Shrine of Melora.

A travels worth of one day along the southward merchant’s trail led to nightfall where the group constructed first camp, little was said before turning in for the night. Despite the untimely interruption of a Palamecian scavenging wolf sniffing around the campsite for food, nothing of interest occurred that night; and with the rising sun the group headed out once more.

The travellers arrived at the abandoned, quaint temple in the afternoon of the following day where it rested nestled amongst the stony borders of the Southern Crescent Mountains. The damage incurred from years ago during the days of the continental splitting was most apparent as almost the entirely of half of the site was buried beneath stone and rubble. All was not quiet, however, as two figures posing as worshippers of Melora greeted them as if tending to an ancient garden. As suspected, these figures were agents of a more malicious power in disguise, luring the adventurers into a standard ambush. Unknown was it who these figures served, and the only evidence left after an ensuing battle was left in the form of two identical raven tattoos on the back of their necks (loosely signifying service of the Raven Queen identified by Dante, but their actions proved unethical).

A brief inspection of the temple’s interior yielded a recently constructed trap door underneath a fashioned raven motif carpet. Underneath, a crudely fashioned earthen tunnel leading to a mysterious cavern filled with odd, resonating stones in an intimidating pattern representing rows of teeth. Their fears were realized as their presences seemed to activate a dormant magic, transforming the rows of stone and animating them into grinding, thrashing rows of stone. Could these stones have been resting underneath the temple naturally? And if not, who placed them here? After using an array of skills such as stealthy maneuvers, magical sensing, and dungeon know-how, the obstacle was cleverly avoided.

Beyond a poorly fashioned door, pale lights and chanting seeped through to the party’s ears, and caution was taken was cleverly view what was happening. After viewing a palely lit magic circle, filled with 8 robed figures, an ambush was planned to attack the offenders and complete Pandora’s missive. This ambush failed, however, and combat shortly ensued as the figures were ordered to attack the interlopers by one female, who seemed leader of the cultish gathering (and somehow interested in Dante for whatever reason unknown). Another item of interested was a cage at the center of the circle, and inside a delirious male eladrin. Combat proved to be a difficult ordeal, as the leader seemed to possess extraordinary magical abilities including the ability to command a choking darkness. Nevertheless, victory was achieved and the prisoner was able to be released, revealing himself as Ianfalcon Treantspatience. Calming his was not easy due to his delirious treatment, but with the mention of Krismorel Kalon, his nerves seemed to dull – perhaps he was one of the worshipers of Melora that never returned?


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