The Palamecias

Campaign: Session 12: 6/19/11
  • Activation of the golem soon revealed that it was created to protect the eye, which rested in the center of the golem. Ashe, uninterested in this trial, flees the scene.
  • After a tough trial, the golem falls, and the eye is collected before departing for Maynard’s study.
  • The real objective comes next, when the players realize they will need to infiltrate Lyrbin’s manor once more in plan of killing him and Audric. First, they will visit Louisa. However, getting into the city was blocked by an enhanced guard rotation, so the group decides to travel unnoticed through a sewer system.
  • Learning about a secret entrance into the manor from Louisa, the group chooses to utilize this – but before entering the manor, choose to destroy the eye in hopes of surprising Lyrbin. Awaiting the group within the sitting room, is none other than Kris Blinkwell, who presents a challenge to the group for traveling to their objective.
Campaign: Session 12: 6/5/11
  • A new development came about when Maynard announced to the group that his assistants had caught a prowler in the facility that night. Not knowing what to do with the intruder, he lets the group have say in his fate. This prowler (the shifter ranger named Ashe), after interrogation from the group, agreed to accompany them on their mission to Omallfell.
  • Maynard was able to link to an Omallfell portal, and the players were sent into the heart of the vault system. This journey wasn’t easy by any means, however, as the group faced trapped rooms, forgettable corridors, barbed spider webs, and sentinels throughout the vaults.
  • Upon reaching the Ferre family vault, opening the door presented a room covered in sharp shards resembling metallic bones – and a lifeless golem forged from these shards. The only option, as stated by Caelin, was to insert the family crest into the golem – and see what happens.
Campaign: Session 11: 5/22/11
  • The party is able to fend the facility from the attacking gnolls, who’s reason for attacking the facility is still a mystery – the groups only clue is that the gnolls appeared to have been in a pain, causing their demonic urges to overflow.
  • Able to meet with Maynard inside of his quarters – the party learns some more of the story concerning Maynard, Lyrbin, and Louisa.
  • Maynard believes that he knows how to finish Lyrbin off – and that way is to destroy a sacrificed eye that binds his demonic servants essence to this plane, and Lyrbin’s service. Getting to this eye, however, is the next step of the journey and will take place underneath the dwarven capital of Omallfell, in the vast system of vaults.
Campaign: Session 10: 5/15/11
  • The players, with the newly joined Adonan, decide that the most pressing issue at the time is to aid Louisa and seek Maynard Sailwind. They were able to discover his location near a Dwarven Mining town called Fane – where his letters to his brother were sent from.
  • Arriving in Fane, the group discovers that Maynard takes residence in an old mining cavern further up the mountain. He is able to exist there with a group of refugee Dwarfs looking for employment.
  • All is not well on this sector of the mountain, the group discovers as it is under current attack by gnolls, the group begins to maneuver their way through the disoriented and violent force of hostile gnolls.
Campaign: Session 9: 5/1/11

Recount of events from session 9:

  • Awaking from a nights sleep, the party notices that Riven has disappeared… perhaps he was seeking vengeance on the spirits that lurked in the crypt?
  • Descending the well, the party was alarmed at the appearance of Vandariel’s head among the corpse pile, leading to the conclusion that Magstina is behind the corpses and may be related to the dragon.
  • Reaching the end of the crypt, the players discover a secret passage that leads to the property of Duke Lyrbin Ferre.
  • The most intriguing discovery at the end of the crypt at the end of a well guarded passage, was a chamber devoted to creating an eternal prison. Inside this stasis prison is the petrified body of Duke Lyrbin Ferre’s wife, Louisa. According to her, she was imprisoned because of her discovering her husbands unsavory activities within the crypt such as practicing unorthodox ritual magic, and holding illegal contraband. Louisa consulted the players to kill her husband, which is according to her the only way to break the ties holding the spell in place.
  • Recounting the current tasks at hand, the players decide to visit the shrine of Melora where they found it to be unusually quiet and sealed using ritual magic. Able to break into the shrine, the players discover the now deceased Krismorel Kalon, and catatonic Eldril. The party brings Eldril to a common inn room to pursue further action. Meanwhile, Pandora mulls over the responsibility placed upon her now that Krismorel is deceased – the shrine is going to need a new caretaker, which currently falls onto her shoulders.
Campaign: Session 8: 4/3/17

Recount of events from session 8:

  • Awaiting their return into the well, they are greeted by a stranger named Riven, who wishes to accompany the party into the crypt with unknown motives (cameo player: sal).
  • Traveling through the crypt, the players make their way through small tunnels, and burial rooms containing restless spirits. Weakened from exorcising the spirits, the party decides to take rest for another night before venturing further.
Campaign: Session 7: 4/3/11

Recount of events from session 7:

  • Returning to Castle Frederick to deliver the expedition results, the players turned to a new rumor involving a well with a strange air about it: apparently a portal to the nine hells is rumored to be deep inside.
  • Descending the well, the players were greeted with a sizable pile of corpses piled and spread out about an underground cavern, unknown why the corpses were present.
  • Despite the corpses, a larger threat existed in the form of a young black dragon nesting inside of an old man made structure past the corpses, and also feasting upon them. The party decided to slay it after a brief negotiation proved unfruitful.
  • Discovery of a passage leading further in lead to the layout of this structure resembling an ancient crypt, host to numerous traps and ancient entities and constructs.
Campaign: Session 6: 3/20/11

Recount of events from session 6:

  • As the players reentered the site, they discovered that the inner chambers have been opened and infiltrated.

  • The inner chambers contained a passage to the once body of water that was Lake Brana, now only a subterranean lake, home to a vicious slime feeding off of the latent magic circulating within the waters.

  • Within the waters rested an ancient structure, only seen when the slime was cleared from the lake. Inside, the players discovered the entrance to the innermost library presumably filled with ancient texts and artifacts. Also, the players were greeted by the residual spirit of Iryl Cursebreaker, one of the original founders and devotee to Ioun. Iryl told the party that the contents of the library are under strong protection and only accessible by a linked portal in which the design is guarded by the current descendants of herself, and Quenn Artorius – a distant grandfather of Caelin. They learn that a time will come when they will need to return to the library, as the eyes of Vecna can only be staved off for so long.

  • The party’s exit was blocked by a trap formulated by an unknown figure, who made it clear that they intended to infiltrate the inner library, and steal the knowledge to erect the linked portal inside. Using dark energy and manipulating runic figures and ink – this figure may be associated with the eyes of Vecna.
Campaign: Session 5: 3/11/11

After receiving a bit of information from Marin For’ash, the players agreed to accept a task to explore a site containing an ancient temple erected in dedication to the goddess Ioun. This temple was housed in the once beautiful region of [[The Campaign Setting: Lake Brana | Lake Brana]], far to the south of Castle Frederick. Due to recent student influx to the White Lotus Academy dwindling, Marin’s best option would be to hire the group of adventurers to conduct a yearly surveying of the ruins to check for any oddities.

With the aid of a Castle Frederick guard in service to the academy, the party departs for the ruins to begin their surveying. Of note during the journey, the party stumbles across an abandoned homestead which contained information relevant to Caelin – runes familiar to his past regarding his family crisis. Considering this information and journeying forward to the site, Surveying proves not the easy task that it sounds to be, due to the ruins being inhabited by various hosts native to the underground.

Completing the survey of the required parameters, the parties return to the surface yields the discovery a now missing guard; who was soon found to be murdered and buried nearby (also missing the White Lotus pendant that unlocks the arcane sealed doors within the ruins to the entrance and deeper levels.

Campaign: Session 4: 2/27/11
Campaign: Session 4: 2/27/11

Campaign: Session 4: 2/27/11

Leaving off before venturing further into the unknown tomb, the party is halted briefly as Caelin is alerted to the fact that someone or something is trailing behind them in the shadows. A misplaced footstep puts forth an interloper by the name of Aelvinor, an elvish adventurer both proficient with a longbow and dueling weapons. Revealing that his purpose is simply curiosity and the lure of treasure, the party is able to accept his company due to common goals for the time being.

Presented before them deep inside of the tomb lays a large room littered with elaborate coffins and dead silence. Near the most elaborate coffin, a book rests with solid gold plating containing an unknown language, but the text presented appears to be a list of names. At the top of the list, the name Otister Goldweave VI appears which matches a name carved into the most intricate coffin at the head of the chamber. Approaching this coffin, The familiar wisps greet the party, and act strangely, almost as if begging or warning them… the coffin is soon opened.

Inside is true to what is written upon the coffin – King Otister Goldweave VI, and unhappy is he as a brief attempt at communication is thwarted by a language barrier, shortly followed by combat. Most notably, this ruler appeared to have a unique crown that controlled the spirit wisps about the room, forcefully summoning them back into their previous corpses to attack the party. Victory was soon met with the aid of Aelvinor and efforts of the party, but trouble still lurks when the decision to take the golden book is made, summoning the tomb guardians. The decision to escape is hastily made, and successfully executed as the group left the tomb. Looking back after snuffing the oil lamp, the stairway is no longer visible.

Back in Castle Frederick, the party meets with Ravaella to discuss their results and rewards. Success is achieved as the rumor is confirmed and matches her experience, but questions are left towards the acquired crown and book and Ravaella refers the party to an old friend working at the White Lotus Academy – Farin Mor’Ash – a curator and clerk of relics. A quick visit reveals that the book is of gnomish nature and contains a roster of various gnomish lords and kings, and that the crown is a gnomish rulers crown enchanted to rule the dead, but at a great cost to the user.


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