The Campaign Setting: Northern Palamecias: Heartwood

Northern Palamecias: Heartwood

(information updated after campaign 2)

Located a few days journey to the south of Castle Frederick, the Heartwood exists as an ancient wood home to a society of Eladrin living in the area. These Eladrin have coexisted in the area for generations along with the forest itself, which is host to an ancient tree that may have ties to the Fey Realm; and lends energy to those Eladrin that care and live beside it.

(Information updated after campaign 3)

After receiving information that the Heartwood was home to the parties opposition, Vandariel, they ventured into the trees to discover that these woods were also some to something much more fearsome. Warped and chaotic, the woods presented a natural barrier to prevent further entry to the ancient tree and the woods Eladrin residents.

It calls itself the voice in the woods, an entity from an unknown realm summoned here by Vandariel’s hatred in attempt to revive her lost mother. Just as spiteful as Vandariel, the entity slowly corrupted the woods and brainwashed the Eladrin living within as Vandariel embraced the voice as her mothers will. The worst of the curse fell upon Vandariel’s kind brother, Eldril, as the voice warped him beyond recognition into its cursed champion.

Triumphant, the party was able to inflict enough trauma to the tree to detach the spirit from its roots and free the woods from its curse. The healing process was able to begin in the aftermath of Vandariel’s hatred and now death; the Eladrin who weren’t casualties were lifted from the curse except for Eldril, who kept the brunt of the curse.


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