Lake Brana

Palamecias; North Palamecias: Lake Brana

Ioun’s temple of Lake Brana was known as a wondrous region, mostly because of the area’s plentiful natural springs and lakes. Travellers would frequent the area to absorb the natural beauty and pay respect to the temple of Ioun atop Lake Brana. Suspended atop the lake by the magic and faith of the vassals in service to Ioun at the temple, the areas natural magic and the worship of Ioun created an intense natural magical presence; some believed that powerful artifacts of Ioun were hidden away inside, creating a lust in treasure hunters.

However, when the land split, the present area of Lake Brana was swallowed by the earthquakes, and the natural springs and lakes were drawn out to sea or into the subterranean. Left only of Lake Brana’s former beauty are craters and dried landscapes where the lakes used to rest.

The once Temple of Ioun that rested upon Lake Brana, was thought to be completely lost and swallowed by the earth. However, research expeditions from the White Lotus Academy discovered its remnants in a natural limestone cavern nearby the remains of Lake Brana. Because nothing substantial or important was found initially within the site of the ruins, the area is now only occasionally monitored by volunteer expeditions affiliated with the guild to check upon its status. The area has also been sealed to ward treasure hunters and vagrants by the Research Guild, only unlocked in the event of a surveying expedition.

Lake Brana

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