Ettercap Resin

Narcotic, Illegal, Contraband


This highly addictive substance is derived from Ettercap mushrooms that are typically harvested by orcish societies, as the mushrooms are able to thrive in cultured orc dung. The mushrooms are then compounded by mortar into a resin that is easily brought into the body.

This resin has a profound effect on the body – more so in beings with smaller body mass such as humans, elves and gnomes. While typically used in ritualistic practices in orcish societies, this resin has been slowly introduces to human societies, where its addictive qualities are celebrated. However, over time as the compound has been changed, different bizarre effects have been noted.

This resin is currently illegal within Castle Frederick.

Update 5/1/11

Large quantities of this resin have been discovered in the crypt underneath the city connecting to Duke Lyrbin Ferre’s estate.


Ettercap Resin

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